Why We Created Culture Week?

Why We Created Culture Week?

AELS prides itself in providing the best English learning experience available. We provide a unique all-inclusive program that our students deserve. Our mission is to cater to students that require conversational and academic proficiency in order to flourish in an English-speaking environment. In order to achieve such a high standard, we developed Culture Week to immerse our students in American living. 

It is crucial that students not only learn how to write and speak in English but to also be able to hold a conversation properly in any environment. We include guided field trips and local experiences for students to enjoy and learn from. Students are exposed to American media and pop culture in order to broaden their vocabulary in a genuine way. 

Culture Week is a great way of giving students context and authentic activities that can only be experienced first-hand. We also bring in a guest speaker, an expert in their particular field, to provide a rich and dynamic way of immersing our students even more. With our small student-to-teacher ratio, everyone in our classes can interact with the speaker. 

Culture Week helps our students get first hand experiences no other language schools can provide. AELS is committed to serving our students and giving them the most dynamic and enriching English learning experience.


Published on July 10, 2019

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