The Power of Small Class Sizes

The Power of Small Class Sizes

Regardless of the subject, most classes are relatively large, averaging around 10 to 20 people per room. Some class sizes even go over thirty plus in some higher education settings. This has its downsides: most students fail to get the proper care they need, they lose the opportunity to interact with the teacher and potentially draw away from the subject altogether. This is especially prevalent in an ESL environment. 

American English Language School in Orange County, California is determined to provide students the best attention and care they require. English is best learned in a small, easily manageable environment that encourages conversation and deeper connections. We are aware of the value of small class size in facilitating English language learning. A small class also promotes better relationships among students and faculty that foster knowledge and skills. 

We limit our class sizes to a maximum of 8 per teacher to maximize lessons and promote student interaction. We believe that it is essential to engage our students in a one-on-one way rather than transactional. Students need actual conversations that are within a context so that they can gain the necessary experience for the real-life situations that may lie ahead.


Published on July 18, 2019

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