Textbooks FOR FREE

Textbooks FOR FREE

At AELS, we want your English language education to start right away. Before your first class starts, you are able to take advantage of our FREE e-learning program. Our e-learning program is a 20-day (4 weeks) course that you can take online.

This course helps you to become familiar with common American terms, verb phrases, and idioms. It includes daily new lessons with quizzes on Fridays to test your knowledge of the material you learned that week. After you complete the 4 weeks, there is a comprehensive quiz on all the material you’ve learned.

If you receive an average score of 90% or more on the quizzes, then you will receive your first quarter’s textbooks FOR FREE! We only want you to improve, and our e-learning program is the first step.


Published on July 22, 2019

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