American English Language School strives to provide students an English Language Program that supports them in their English endeavors. To provide this to our students, we have ensured that our teachers are accountable for their student's progress. Teachers implement daily listening assignments, reading and writing curriculum, weekly unit test, weekly portfolio assignments, and individualized comments.

Daily listening assignments allow our teachers to pinpoint the progress of a student's progress in their listening skills. The daily listening assignments will enable students to gain a more excellent vocabulary, comprehension, and aid them in their grammar and speaking skills.

Additionally, reading and writing will provide students with an opportunity to expand their critical thinking and writing development. Weekly unit tests, allow our teachers to check that students are learning their in-class lessons and let students and teachers know which concepts to review.

Furthermore, students will be assigned portfolio assignments which supplement the lessons that they learn during the week. These projects tie all aspects of English learning and further allow students to exercise their command of the English language


Published on July 23, 2019

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