Why We Insist on Quarterly Schedule?

Why We Insist on Quarterly Schedule?

At AELS, we are a firm believer of practical in-class conversations among our students and teachers—but it takes time to build meaningful and enriching relationships that spark natural English conversations. Over the years of teaching ESL classes, we’ve discovered that students consistently take one to two weeks to break the ice. Asking non-native English speakers to employ in conversations is a tall order for many—even teachers can struggle with conveying any meaning lessons under a month. Therefore, we insist on having our sessions broken down to more extended twelve-week quarters instead of shorter four-week months.

Having quarterly sessions has a lot of tangible advantages. The “getting-to-know-you process” tends to be stronger and more meaningful and bolsters students' eagerness to speak during in-class assignments. A longer, more consistent course tends to yield steady progress as well since students tend to take fewer breaks in between ESL sessions. Long breaks can hinder progress and can potentially lead to gaps in someone’s learning experience. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect. The best way to master English is to practice it consistently.

Our students’ progress is our priority—to ensure the best quality, we designed the best twelve-week course available. A month is not long enough to progress correctly. Learning English takes time and proper guidance. We know that students will benefit from our quarterly sessions in every practical way.


Published on July 25, 2019

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