Benefits of a Small Class

Benefits of a Small Class

Have you ever sat in a classroom and thought to yourself that your voice would never be heard, or your questions will never be answered? American English Language School limits classes to a maximum of 8 students so that this will never happen. AELS strongly emphasizes the small class size because we believe this is very important when learning a new language. AELS puts each class capacity at 8 students so that students have more availability to talk to their peers and teacher without having to fight to be heard.

Being able to converse with your peers and teacher allows your brain to use both functions: listening and speaking at the same time. Doing so requires more focus but leads to growth in your language proficiency. If the class had a more significant amount of students, this would limit your growth. Here at AELS, we want to maximize your language proficiency and give you as many chances to speak English as we can.


Published on July 29, 2019

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