Why do we emphasize small class sizes?

Why do we emphasize small class sizes?


Typical language schools have 10, 15, or even more students in a classroom. When you are in a bigger class, it is easy to not participate and get away with it. If you are not getting plenty of chances to speak, you are not going to improve your English by much. Here at American English Language School in Orange County, California, each of our classes has an average of 5-6 students per classroom. 

With smaller class sizes, you will be able to get plenty of opportunities to speak. This also helps you to focus so you will keep improving. If you only get a few opportunities to speak, it is easy to not pay attention or forget important information. Our goal is for you to improve, and with smaller class sizes, you will be able to improve faster than you would at other language schools. Another way that smaller class sizes help you improve is by providing immediate feedback. 

Since there is such a small number of students in the classroom, your teachers will be able to give you the individual attention that you need to provide help on pronunciation, grammar, or anything you are struggling on. They will also let you know how you are doing, so you won’t be surprised when it comes to your grades.


Published on July 30, 2019

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