Why we insist quarterly schedule

Why we insist quarterly schedule

When signing up at AELS, students sign up for quarters instead of months. We offer quarterly classes because we know that the first couple of weeks are about getting to know each other. Students also tend to be shyer at first, so they are less likely to participate. If they spend the first couple weeks not participating, they won’t make much progress in improving their English, especially if they only sign up for a month. That’s why we are on a quarterly system. 

Students then have 12 weeks to improve so they can spend the first couple weeks getting to know their teacher and classmates and getting comfortable. Another reason we are on a quarterly system is that it makes students less likely to take breaks. With monthly classes, if you miss some weeks, you will not be missing out on much, but with quarterly classes, you will miss too much material and can fall behind. Also, you will not be able to reenroll whenever you want and instead you would need to wait to enroll when classes are over. A quarterly schedule helps you to stay focused so you can improve more.


Published on August 5, 2019

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