No Rolling Enrollment

No Rolling Enrollment

Rolling enrollment admits students at any point during the year. Student applications are processed throughout the school year, potentially accepting students regardless of the quarter. Many language schools offer this option to their students, but unfortunately, it is not as convenient as it may seem. The priority of a student is to learn, and often, convenience isn’t always the path that leads to success. 

Students accepted in the middle of a class session can potentially throw-off an entire ESL class. Teachers and students alike are at the mercy of every incoming student. While a school can assess a student before admitting them, majority of their skills can only be based on assumptions—especially if an ESL class has a strict curriculum. A teacher can try their best to accommodate every student’s English needs, but this is nearly impossible. 

A quality class is one that has everyone on the same page. If a student, hypothetically speaking, has missed a few months, they have missed a massive amount of material regardless of how good they maybe are. The key to a good class is not competent students but rather how in-line everyone is to their curriculum. 

AELS does not permit rolling enrollment because we care about our class quality. Not only do we care for each student, but we also prioritize the class as a cohesive whole. No student should be left behind, and no class should be at the mercy of a few last-minute students.


Published on August 6, 2019

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