Why a Quarterly Schedule?

Why a Quarterly Schedule?

In aligning with our mission to provide the best English learning courses, American English Language School's academic calendar is that of a quarter schedule. Each quarter consists of 12 academic weeks. There are many reasons and advantages as to why AELS insists on a quarterly schedule.

Through our years of experience of running our English programs we have concluded that students have a two week acclimation period. Students use this two week period to get acquainted with other students and their new class schedule. We want to ensure that our students have enough time to smoothly go through this acclimation period so that they may obtain a purposeful English experience.

In order for this process to be more accommodating to students, we have limited the number of students in each class. Our small class sizes allow students to have a more intimate environment where they may feel more comfortable with speaking with their peers and participating in the class. In our courses we have seen that this usual 2 week period has become a 1 week period. Additionally, our small class sizes and 12 week schedule means that students spend 1 week familiarizing themselves with their new academic environment and 11 weeks focusing on their English learning.

Furthermore, it is essential for English learners to employ and to utilize their English every day. Our quarter system is a consistent way for students to expose and surround themselves with like-minded students. Students are expected to always be on their feet and this in turn deters students from falling into academic lulls.  Students are able to understand the importance of attending each class and recognize the significance of staying on track with their English studies.


Published on August 8, 2019

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