No Rolling Enrollment!

No Rolling Enrollment!

American English Learning School believes that to ensure a student’s success in our English program, students need to commit to each quarter. Therefore, it is our policy not to admit students once a quarter has started. At AELS, we do not permit rolling enrollment. 

We have this policy because, through our years of experience, we have found that when a student begins their studies later in the quarter, they will have missed all the previous lectures and will start without the same knowledge as their peers. Also, students may feel behind even though they just started. 

Also, a new student starting later in the quarter can change the dynamics in the classroom. During the first day of a new quarter, teachers and classmates experience a period of acclimation. Teachers and students are gaining confidence and a sense of familiarity with one another, and this allows conversations and welcoming communication in class. When a new student joins later in the quarter, this process may have to be repeated and may impede the open flow of conversation. 

Furthermore, our instructors would have to make individual accommodations for the student who enrolls later in the quarter. The teacher will feel a responsibility to focus on helping the new student because they do not want the new student to feel behind or not up to speed with the class. To ensure that all our students obtain the success they strive for, we implement a policy of no rolling enrollment. 


Published on August 14, 2019

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