Why Rolling Enrollment Is Not Allowed

Why Rolling Enrollment Is Not Allowed

American English Language School does not allow rolling enrollment. This is because if you enrolled and began classes partway through the quarter, you would miss a large amount of information. You will be behind and will be missing the skills you would have learned in those weeks missed. It is crucial for you to gain all the skills since the beginning of the quarter, but it is not fair to restart the class for the other students if you were to start late. Another reason rolling enrollment isn’t allowed is that we want our students to feel comfortable in class. If students are coming in and out of class as they please, it will be hard to feel comfortable because the environment is always changing.

The first few days of class are very crucial for the teacher and students. It is a period of time that students can engage in conversations and get to know each other. This allows students to become comfortable with speaking in class. If new students show up after this process, it may cause other students to lose that safety net, and they will no longer participate in class. Also, every class missed is valuable information that will help with the next class, so missing any classes could be crucial to your studies. We believe having this policy will benefit all students, including those who are already enrolled and those who are not.

We do not want to put students under the pressure of having to repeat assignments because someone new missed them. We also do not want to place that pressure on our teachers. Teachers will worry about filling the gaps and making sure students do not feel like they are being left behind. This turns their focus away from others, which is not fair to the teacher or students. AELS only allows students to begin at the beginning of each quarter.


Published on August 15, 2019

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