Weekly Portfolio Project

Weekly Portfolio Project

American English Language School wants to provide the best of the best in ESL classes. We tailor our curriculum to provide the most robust experience for our students. One of the aspects that makes us unique is our Weekly Portfolio projects—they include a writing assignment, a listening activity, and an activity project. Each part is specifically designed to maximize their time inside and outside of class.

Writing assignments are always based on prompts from the unit lessons and grammar lessons. While topics may vary from week to week, they always coincide with our curriculum.

 Every teacher is responsible for giving them their grade and immediate feedback. Students can reap the benefits of corrections right away. Listening activities are also based on the unit’s listening section. Listening is an essential part of a student’s experience while at AELS—these assignments offer tremendous advantage for everyone who’s planning to take a TOEFL or equivalent test.

 Finally, to round off our curriculum, students also have a weekly activity project— every student must research a topic and present it in front of the class. While this may seem too much for an ESL student, we encourage speaking in front of others to bolster their speaking and conveying skills. Activity projects are an indispensable part of our class since it allows students to utilize the skills they learn in class thoroughly. Practice always makes perfect, especially in an ESL course.

 Every AELS teacher writes detailed, individualized comments every Friday on their  MyAels portal. Students can find their grades, attendance, and class performance as well as any relevant comments a teacher may have for students. While other ESL programs compromise by providing generic class curriculum, we are determined to offer you the best English learning experience. 


Published on August 20, 2019

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