Why we don’t have a conditional agreement with other colleges/universities

Why we don’t have a conditional agreement with other colleges/universities

Many language
schools have conditional acceptance agreements that will allow students to be admitted to a college following the completion of the ESL program. Many students look for this kind of arrangement because they do not want to worry about the TOEFL score requirements for the school they wish to attend. Conditional agreements become a crutch for ESL students and leave them unprepared for the vigorous college courses ahead of them. At AELS, we want our students to succeed on the TOEFL test, so we help prepare them for the test rather than having them rely on a conditional acceptance.

AELS created a program to have higher expectations for our students at each level so that they reach a higher proficiency, unlike other programs. Having lower expectations can cause a false sense of ability and makes students scared to take the TOEFL test. Although the TOEFL requires more preparation beyond our ESL course, graduates of our program will be well on their way toward that goal and will have obtained a strong language foundation.

AELS offers the TOEFL class that will be taken after the ESL program. This would allow students to be fully prepared for the TOEFL and meet the minimum requirements to get into the school they are looking in to. Although the conditional agreement will enable students to relax, it also means that they will not push themselves to their fullest potential.


Published on August 21, 2019

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