Why AELS does not have a conditional agreement with other colleges/universities

Why AELS does not have a conditional agreement with other colleges/universities

At American English Language School, we strive to have the best English Language program; therefore, we do not have conditional acceptance agreements. A conditional acceptance agreement may allow students to enter into college upon completion of a language school’s ESL program. AELS views these conditional agreements leave a student unprepared for the endeavors they will encounter when entering a university in the United States. To prepare our students for their future English enterprises, we emphasize the importance of pursuing the TOEFL test, which will provide them with more academic and educational opportunities.

These conditional agreements do not emphasize the TOEFL, and at AELS, we want our students to attempt to gain the most out of their English language education. Students who enroll in our English program are expected to complete with a higher aptitude than where they began. The AELS program allows students to garner a substantial English foundation which will supplement their preparation for the TOEFL. At AELS, we provide students with the opportunity to pursue the TOEFL by offering a TOEFL intensive program. 


Published on August 22, 2019

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