No Conditional Agreements

No Conditional Agreements

Some language schools have conditional agreements that allow students to be admitted into college without having to fulfill the TOEFL score requirements. This can look appealing to students because they do not have to worry about taking the TOEFL exam. However, at AELS, we do not make conditional agreements with any colleges to benefit our students.

If students know that they do not have to worry about their TOEFL test, they can slack off on their studying. Slacking off leads to a lower amount of progress for students. Conditional agreements can demotivate students to work hard and accomplish their goals. We want students to work hard and improve, but students that tend to look only for conditional agreements can lower their English learning goals.

The TOEFL exam is for making sure that students are prepared for college. By accepting a conditional agreement, students may enter into college unprepared for the coursework. Also, when students fully commit to their studies, it helps them to prepare for when they enter college and the studying that it requires.

We do not want to limit our students' choices and goals. When language schools have conditional agreements with certain colleges, it limits students' possible choices. Instead of all the other college possibilities, students' are left with only a couple of options. We want students to take their English language learning experience seriously, and students can't if they know they do not have to work as hard.


Published on August 23, 2019

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