What Kind of Students We Are Looking for and Why?

What Kind of Students We Are Looking for and Why?

There are no fast track or any tricks to learning English. Students tend to fall for false promises of learning English overnight. The bottom line is that it takes perseverance and consistency to learn appropriately. We uphold the highest educational standards to provide our students with the quality they deserve. Although schools are responsible for their teaching, students are ultimately responsible for their education. Students must maintain their grades and attendance—there is no substitute for being a responsible student. 

In order to have the best, we expect the best. Students need to attend regularly and miss minimal classes. This ensures that they’ll have a consistent educational experience. It requires a serious intention to learn English and a hunger to succeed. Those who are hard-working will have a higher chance than someone who barely shows up to class. Since class participation is critical, it is important that students prepare for class properly. Diligently doing homework and seeking every opportunity to practice their English outside of school will ensure great success. 

We shy away from accepting students below our standards because we care about students who also care about their education. Classes should be engaging and fun—not just a place to keep an I-20 status. Good quality education is a lifestyle, not a means to have a visa. We care about your English learning experience, and so should you.


Published on September 6, 2019

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