What Kind of Students AELS Wants

What Kind of Students AELS Wants

Even though some schools may advertise that learning English is easy and it’ll happen as fast as overnight, this is false. Learning English takes time and dedication. AELS holds high standards for our students to ensure the best learning environment possible. Students who want nothing more than to obtain their F-1 Visa status are not fit for our program. Our students are required to maintain high grades and regular attendance.

 AELS expects many things out of its students including that they are dedicated to learning English, that they use class time effectively, that they are attentive and ask questions in class, and that they understand the value of quality education. AELS wants the absolute best for its students, and if you cannot meet our standards, our program will not be a good fit for you. The followings are a few examples that are not acceptable here at AELS: students who repeatedly ask for reiteration because of lack of focus, students who value a lower price over quality, and those who need constant reminders to get their work done.

 American English Language School in Orange County, California looks for students who will be able to obtain the high standards that we ask for. This ensures that all AELS students will get the most out of our program and it will be a remarkable learning environment.


Published on September 11, 2019

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