American English Language School Students

American English Language School Students

At AELS, we take your English learning experience seriously. Our goal is for you to improve your reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills to the best of your abilities. However, if you are not motivated and determined to learn, we can only help you so much. Some students want to come to AELS simply to maintain their F-1 visa status; students who are not interested in studying and just maintaining their status are not the right fit for our program.

Every one of our students must maintain their grades while attending class regularly. The students at AELS take their English education seriously, which means they are hardworking, self-motivated, and dedicated to learning and improving. The only way to show that you are dedicated is to be attentive in class, participate, and practice what you learn in class outside of the classroom. This shows that you are serious about learning English and want to improve as best as you can. Just sitting in class and not participating or practicing outside of the classroom will not help you to improve as best as you can.

For AELS to give you the best education, we need the best students. We do not want students that are always missing class or not participating. When a student misses class, they tend to fall behind and have trouble with the next lesson. If that happens, the teacher will have to go over the material that they missed with that student. For every other student who attends class every day, it is a waste of their time to go over material that they have already learned. That is why we want all of our students to be dedicated to their studies.

To help us give you the best education, we need you to take your English learning seriously. That means always showing up to class, participating and asking questions when confused, and practicing your English outside of the classroom. If you understand the value of a great quality education, AELS is the right place for you.


Published on September 12, 2019

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