Attendance Policy

Attendance Policy

While the minimum weekly hours required to retain an F-1 visa is 18, we need that a student attends the class for 20 hours instead. AELS always strives for excellence, both in us and our expectations for our students. An ESL program should never be just a way to acquire and keep a visa—it is a legitimate source of education that can benefit every student. 

Students who are merely trying to get by is far below our standards as an institution. We care about our students’ performance. But if a student starts without having any intention of learning, they cannot be genuinely fruitful; hence, why do we implement strict academic standards? Two hours over the weekly requirement ensures that every student we accept is aware of the importance of diligence and study. It is a way to make students aware that we are serious about teaching them, and so should they. 

Anyone who falls short of our institutional requirement is subject to termination. If a student falls below 80% attendance rate, they will be advised. Continued neglect will result in their I-20 termination and their admittance to AELS. We take our job seriously, and we make sure that our students are aware of it as well.


Published on September 13, 2019

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