What Kind of Students Does AELS Want?

What Kind of Students Does AELS Want?

American English Language School strives to make sure our students receive the best education. We know that a lot of language schools just want their students to pass and will offer short cuts and ways to do so as fast as possible. However, at AELS, we want our students to be seriously motivated about learning English. We want our students to want to work hard to make sure they are getting the best possible studying experience at our school. The students we want are students who want to be here to get the best English language education they can.

At AELS, we know that there are a lot of language schools out there that only exist for their students to uphold their visa status. AELS wants our students to be more serious about their education and not worried about maintaining their visa status. Serious students at AELS mean that they must attend class regularly and heed our attendance rule of only missing less than five classes a quarter. However, attending class is just the first step at AELS, we also want our students to be actively participating when they attend class. For example, we encourage our students to ask questions during class and to speak as much as possible. The more students speak and ask questions in class, the more they will learn and practice their English. We also want our students to avoid using their phones or laptops for translations in class and instead ask our teachers for help.

We also understand that learning English demands a lot of extra practice in and out of the classroom. Therefore, we ask our students to do activities and homework outside of the classroom so that they can practice their English. We also encourage our students to watch American movies and read English books to gain cultural references as well as practice their English in an outside the classroom environment. The assignments that AELS gives our students also help them study for the weekly unit test and are portfolio assignments that are important for their grade. Maintaining good grades is extremely important for AELS because it lets us know that AELS students are serious and care about their English education.


Published on September 16, 2019

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