AELS Attendance Policy

AELS Attendance Policy

At AELS, we strive to give you the best English language learning experience. To help you to improve as best as you can, we need you to want to improve. If you are not trying to improve, it’s no big secret that you won’t. Students need to be motivated to study and practice their English as much as possible. That is why we want dedicated students for our ESL classes.

Besides keeping up your grades, we require that students always attend class. Being in class 5 days, or 20 hours a week shows your dedication to your education. Students who fall below an 80% attendance rate will receive a warning about their attendance. If their attendance continues to drop, their I-20 may be terminated. We tend not to accept students who do not care about their grades or attending class. Those students are only there to maintain their I-20 status, which is not fair to others.

We have this policy because it is unfair to other students. For students who take their education seriously and want to improve their English, it is not fair to always have their classmates missing or not completing their work. When students miss class, they miss assignments and fall behind. When that happens, teachers have to try to catch up those students while other students who come every day have to listen again to information that they already know. That is why we follow our attendance policy.


Published on September 17, 2019

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