How We Teach and Teacher’s Role

How We Teach and Teacher’s Role

Teaching ESL is no easy task, and that is why American English Language School only offers classes taught by teachers who have sufficient knowledge of the language and understand the difficulties in learning English. The teachers also have experience in the English culture and use this in their teaching. Our teachers here at AELS are also motivated and committed to teaching ESL and have a strong passion for the language. 

Here at AELS, our teacher's primary focus is to get the students talking in class. We want each student to participate in the conversation actively. This will allow them to work on their pronunciation, vocabulary, and much more. One way to help with this is by having a small class size. Each student will have an opportunity to practice their skills and improve daily.

 Being a teacher at AELS means that you are passionate about the English language and you are ready to push your students to new levels of learning. We want each student to receive a remarkable education while getting the most out of our program that they can.


Published on September 26, 2019

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