What makes AELS different?

What makes AELS different?

What makes AELS different than other language schools is our concentration on conversation. Yes, we aim to improve reading, writing, grammar, and listening skills of every student, but we believe conversation is the most beneficial way to help students to understand English better.  

Our goal is to help you to speak and understand English better than when you started. A lot of students have already taken English classes in their native countries that focus on grammar. We don't focus on grammar because to live competently in America, speaking is going to help you further along than grammar. A lot of native speakers do not even know grammar basics! If you are lost and need to ask for directions, you will need to be able to ask for help and comprehend the other person. That is why we stick to the 30/70 rule. In the classroom, 30% of the speaking should be from the teacher, and 70% of the speaking should come from students. We do not want classes that are the typical lecture style. When using the textbook, it is up to the teacher to ask questions to start a discussion. Our teachers need to encourage their students to feel comfortable participating in the class discussion. 

To help students not feel shy or embarrassed to participate in class, teachers are careful not to correct too much. When students are nervous about speaking out loud, they tend to listen to conversations rather than participate in them. When students do not participate in class discussions, they are missing out on opportunities to practice their speaking skills. It can take a lot of courage for more shy students to participate in class, and if they are immediately corrected over and over, it can discourage them from continuing to practice. Teachers want to encourage their students, so we ask that they correct students in moderation. We would rather students focus on speaking than grammar because students are usually misunderstood by their pronunciation than their grammar usage.


Published on September 27, 2019

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