Our Teachers

Our Teachers

At American English Language, we know that teachers are an extremely important part to a student’s growth and education. We pride ourselves in having the best teachers for our students. Our teachers know how to teach our students so that each student gets their own individualized attention to help them get farther in their education at a quicker rate. 

For choosing our teachers, we have some requirements so that they can best meet our student’s needs. First, our teachers must have at least a bachelor’s degree from an English-related field. This allows us to see that they have a commitment towards their own education and have studied the dynamics of English at a higher level. Second, our teachers have an English-related teaching certificate, like TESOL. This helps them use their knowledge they achieved in college and apply it in a teaching setting. Third, they must have sufficient knowledge in English culture so all our teachers are native speakers. Learning the culture around students is a huge benefit towards their English education and allows them to use their knowledge of English in a practical way with real-life situations. 

We also look towards our teachers as people and not just what they look like on paper. We want our teachers to be compassionate, responsible, dependable, and kind individuals. These traits are beneficial towards our students because these characteristics allow our teachers to be patient and understanding. Learning a new language can be extremely difficult and frustrating and by exhibiting these traits, a teacher is more equipped to handle these situations. Choosing the best teacher is beneficial to our school so that our students feel comfortable and safe. Therefore, we choose the best because we want our students to have the best results. 


Published on October 3, 2019

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