What programs We Offer

What programs We Offer

Throughout the years, we have developed our curriculum to help students improve as best as they can. Our only goal is for you to improve your English language skills. Our classes are designed to improve your reading, writing, grammar, and conversation skills.

In our regular ESL classes, there are 5 Levels, each with different course goals. However, each class will help you to improve on reading, writing, grammar, and conversation. Students will do reading and writing activities throughout the course to help with understanding English sentence structure and expanding vocabulary. Students will also do writing activities to help improve their sentence structure and grammar. The main focus of each class is to improve their conversational skills. We want students to participate in class discussions to practice their speaking, listening, and pronunciation skills.

Besides our basic ESL classes, we offer TOIEC, TOEFL, and U.S. Citizenship Test preparation classes. Our TOEIC class lasts for 12 weeks and is 20 hours per week. Our TOEIC class helps to prepare students for their TOEIC exam by going over what to expect on test day and test-taking strategies. Our TOEFL class is also 12 weeks and 20 hours per week. Our TOEFL class will go over the structure of the test and test different techniques to help you during your exam. Lastly, our U.S. Citizenship Test class will go over with students how to fill our their Form N-400. Students will also conduct mock interviews, practice reading and writing sentences, and study all 100 Civics Questions.

If you would like to improve a specific skill, we also offer private one on one tutoring. You can go over with the teacher what you may have trouble with or want to improve on. Private tutoring is also a good idea for students who may not be able to attend our classes every day but want to improve their English.


Published on October 7, 2019

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