AELS Programs

AELS Programs

Students who attend American English Language School have the opportunity to enroll in the many courses that we offer. At AELS, we offer the following programs: ESL, TOEIC, TOEFL, Citizenship / Naturalization Test, Daily Journal Writing, Book Club, TED Talks, and Private Classes. Each of the programs addresses different goals that students may have in pursuing their English careers.

Our ESL program is 20 hours per week and consists of six levels. In each ESL level, it is the goal for each student to obtain the goal of speaking, listening, reading, and writing English with confidence. In each level of ESL, students will be introduced to reading, writing, grammar, and conversation.

Students who have successfully passed our ESL level 5 course are eligible to enroll in our TOEIC and TOEFL programs. The TOEIC Program is 20 hours per week and is a 12-week program. Students will practice test-taking strategies, focusing on listening, reading, speaking, and writing in preparation for the TOEIC test. The TOEFL program is 20 hours per week and is a 12-week program. Money to Thursday, students will review, reading, listening, speaking, and writing, and on Friday, students will take a practice exam.

The Citizenship / Naturalization Test program is a course that is a total of 40 hours. In this course, students will learn how to fill out their appropriate government forms and practice their conversation skill in preparation for their interview. Students will also study Civics Questions, reading, and writing to fulfill the program’s requirements.

Furthermore, we offer Daily Journal Writing, Book Club, TED Talks, and Private Classes. Students who are interested in these four classes must discuss their enrollment with their AELS teacher and apply for these additional classes. Each class specifically focuses on different areas that students are looking to improve upon. AELS offers various programs to meet and exceed all of our student’s goals and expectations.


Published on October 8, 2019

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