Portfolio Project

Portfolio Project

Our main goal at American English Language School is to improve your English reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills. One way we help you to improve is our weekly portfolio project. Our weekly portfolio project helps you to improve on your English while helping make sure that students are understanding the weekly materials.

Every week students are assigned a writing assignment, listening activity, and an activity project. The topic of the assignments will vary based on the lessons that students went over that week. The writing assignment for the week will focus on the main topic of the week. The students will write their essays, and then their teacher will go over it with them during class. Students will be able to get feedback from their teachers to help them with their writing and grammar and what to work on for their future writing assignments. For the listening activity, students will be given a transcript with some words missing. Students are to fill in the blanks of the transcript as they are listening. Lastly, the activity project is assigned on Friday and due Monday. The topic will also be related to the lessons learned that week. Students will be assigned their topic and work on it over the weekend. On Monday, students will present their presentations to the class.

We assign the weekly portfolio projects to allow our students to practice their English. Furthermore, it helps teachers to see how their students are doing and how well they understood the material. Most of the time, when students do not understand the material, they keep quiet and try to avoid answering questions. That and a big classroom make it easy for students to fall under the radar. That is why at AELS we have smaller class sizes and our weekly portfolio project. Teachers can keep track of every student’s progress to help them to succeed.


Published on October 9, 2019

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