AELS Portfolio Project

AELS Portfolio Project

At American English Language School, we want our students to have as many opportunities as possible to practice their English inside and outside the classroom. This idea is why we have a small group ratio in our classroom, encourage our teachers to talk less to allow student dominates conversation, and assign projects to do in class and at home. Doing work at home as well as in school allows our students to practice their English and get more experience. 

Our portfolio projects include a listening, writing, and presentation. The listening assignment is done in class where the students have to listen to a recording based on subjects they are learning in their unit that week. While they listen, the students will fill in a worksheet that has a script with missing words. This encourages more listening practice and allows students to hear their vocabulary in everyday conversation. The writing project is a weekly assignment students do in class. Each week, the students will practice a new type of writing based on the topics they are going over in their unit. The students are encouraged to use their new vocabulary and grammar that they learned throughout the week in their writing. This project allows all the work they have done and lessons they have learned to come together in one project. 

The final assignment of the week is the activity project which is a presentation assignment given to the students on Friday. The assignment is then presented by the students on Monday morning. The activity project asks the students to make a presentation based on a subject of the lessons they learned the previous week. This allows students to practice their English while not in class and also helps them practice their speaking in a professional and public speaking atmosphere.


Published on October 10, 2019

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