AELS Guest Speaker

AELS Guest Speaker

Guest speakers during culture week are extremely important for our students to learn more about American culture outside the classroom. Culture week is a fun way our students learn about things that involve areas outside the classroom. We ask guest speakers to come on the third day of culture week. They are a great addition to our culture week because they allow our students to get an idea about life in the United States that is outside our classroom. 

During AELS's Culture week, we ask guest speakers from a variety of professional positions that work in the United States. We ask them to make a short thirty minute presentation of their life and how they started working in their profession. The students really enjoy these presentations and get to learn how they can also start these professions and what life outside of the classroom will be like. Some of our guest speakers talk about if their families are from other countries and how that impacted their life as well. 

At the end of the guest speaker’s presentation, we have a thirty minute question and answer portion. We ask students to think of questions while they are listening to the guest speaker present. Each student must ask one question to the guest speaker so not only they can practice their listening skills and learn about a profession, but they can also practice their speaking skills with a native speaker as well. Guest speakers are a great addition to our culture week and our students always look forward to the next one.

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Published on November 4, 2019

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