Guest Speaker

Guest Speaker

The last week of our quarter is culture week. During culture week, students can put their listening and speaking skills to the test in real-life situations. We know that many students only get to practice English in their classroom, so we created culture week to encourage students to feel more confident using English with others. We want students to feel comfortable speaking English inside and outside of the classroom. One of our activities for culture week includes welcoming a guest speaker to come and speak to the class.

Our guest speakers are always different each quarter, but each guest is unique, knowledgeable, and friendly. The guest speaker's profession will vary from a doctor, lawyer, businessman, etc. They will share their diverse experiences and how they accomplished their goals. When finished speaking, students can ask questions about topics that they are curious about. To be able to comprehend the speaker and ask questions is a big part of why we invite guest speakers. We want our students to gain experience talking with Americans with various professions. It is an interesting way for students to interact with others and gain valuable information that they cannot receive anywhere else.

Besides just practicing their English, we want to give our students a unique experience while they are here. Students can interact with professionals that they might not have had the experience with if not for our culture week. Being able to hear others success stories will also hopefully motivate our students to persevere and keep working on improving their English. For all of these reasons, students enjoy our guest speaker day.


Published on November 5, 2019

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