ESL Schedule and Hours

ESL Schedule and Hours

All of the ESL classes at American English Language School are structured in a similar way based on our curriculum. Each weekday, Monday through Friday, has four hours of class with a variety of topics spaced out within those hours. We start class every morning at 9 a.m. and end class at 1 p.m. Our weekly schedule includes all of our curriculum as well as leaves time for our students to have conversations and explore other aspects of English education.             

On Monday, we start class by having our students present their activity projects that were assigned on the Friday before. These projects are based on the previous unit they studied the week before. Then, we go over the new unit’s vocabulary, the first lesson of the unit, the grammar challenge of the week, and the vocabulary in our other textbook. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday’s schedule are similar, but on Wednesday, we have the weekly listening activity for the student’s portfolio and Thursday includes a writing assignment for the portfolio. 

On Friday, students will go over their final lesson and grammar challenge of the week and then take their weekly unit test that includes listening, reading, and speaking. Most of the scheduled days includes extra time during the last hour where students usually will do an assigned activity with their instructor that is either an extra listening or speaking activity. This extra time is organized and planned by the instructor and can vary from class to class.

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Published on November 12, 2019

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