How We Advertise

How We Advertise

When looking for a language school to improve your English, of course, you want the best quality at the best price. Some language schools promise to improve your English quicker or cheaper than others, but they do not care about whether you improve or not; they only care about the money that you bring in. That is why they cram 10-20 students in a classroom together. They say you will improve, but when you have 10-20 other classmates, you do not get time to practice your speaking or get individual attention from your teacher. That is why we have a class ratio at a maximum of 8:1 students to teachers (average 5-6 students per class). Our teachers care about their students, and we believe that the students know.

To keep bringing in more students, we rely on word of mouth. That means that we do not rely on working with agencies. Agencies help language schools to bring in more students, but with a price. Language schools and agencies work together to bring in more students and more money. Agencies help schools to get as many students as possible, but agencies charge a 20-40% commission for each student that they bring in. This can mean that agencies will only recommend certain schools because they get a big commission, not because they are the best school for that student. Language schools then have larger classes, so you do not get to practice as much as you should. We do not rely on agencies; would rather invest in our students, teachers, and school.

We also rely on social media to promote ourselves. We post blogs and videos that inform potential students of our mission, programs, answers to common questions, and much more. We have learned that when students are searching for a language school the first place they search is online. That is why all of our information is posted on our website for your convenience. You can find out all the information you need about our program, schedule, prices, and steps to apply on our site. We believe that our website is the best advertisement for ourselves and why you should come to study here. At AELS, we offer a Guarantee Program, e-learning, and smaller class sizes than you will see anywhere else.

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Published on January 8, 2020

A leading English language school accredited by the CEA (Commission on English Language Accreditation) and approved by SEVP (Student and Exchange Visitor Program) located in Los Angeles, California. Learn English in LA with our ESL classes, TOEFL preparation, and English speaking classes. Are you serious about improving your English? Join a class today!