AELS Social Media

AELS Social Media

At American English Language School, we know getting our name out there is important. In order for our students to know what we do, we advertise it on our social media, website, and blog. Advertising is a big part of keeping the students we have and acquiring more students for our program. Unlike most language school, we spend more time with our current students and care more about them than getting more of them. We care about advertising, but we care about our students more. 

Advertising is an essential part of any school to keep students coming in and out of the institution. Our social media is updated at least 2-3 times a week advertising new programs, new classes, when the quarter is starting, and so much more! Our website has more information about our programs and has steps on how to do multiple things language students need to do in order to study in the United States. Lastly, our blog gives detailed information about programs and procedures at AELS. 

You may have come across our information through an agency; however, a significant number of our students have found our program through research, referral, and social media.
Social media has been an influential tool and is why we have focused our marketing and advertising through this means. We are continually updating our presence online by posting blogs that contain essential information about our school’s programs and promotions. Here is a link where you may find our most current blog posts,

Additionally, we post videos about our program on YouTube. We understand that choosing the right English Language program is an important decision, and we want our future students to get a glimpse of what they can expect. The following is a link to our YouTube channel, Students can preview how our classes are conducted and what topics they may learn.

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Published on January 14, 2020

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