TOEFL Testing During COVID-19

TOEFL Testing During COVID-19

During these times of difficulty and uncertainty about COVID-19, we are dedicated to providing you with a safe and comfortable learning environment. You are already worried about making sure that you pass your TOEFL test, and we do not want you worrying about your health and safety while taking it. Luckily, ETS is allowing you to register to take the test from your own home. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to take the test from their home, so they must come into the testing center to take the test. To help reduce the risk of spreading the virus, safety practices are being put in place throughout your TOEFL test-taking experience. We will continue to follow the strategies and measures recommended by ETS and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and public health departments.  

Before test-takers will be allowed into the testing building to take their TOEFL test, we will be cleaning and disinfecting the testing center room, computers, headsets, tables, chairs, bathrooms, and other high touch surfaces. Our headsets have also had their foam windsocks removed to ensure proper cleaning and disinfecting of the mics. At all times during the testing session, TCAs will be required to wear masks. Before you can be let inside of the testing room, we will take your temperature using a non-invasive, touchless infrared thermometer and require you to use hand sanitizer. We will also be requiring everyone to wear facial masks and observe social distancing guidelines while inside of the facility. You are also permitted to wear rubber gloves during the testing session.

We will be checking in test-takers one by one to ensure test-takers are practicing social distancing. When checking you in (after you have had your temperature checked and hands sanitized), we will have the webcam situated so we can capture your picture while maintaining social distancing. You will need to lower your mask for identification purposes and your picture, but you can put your mask back on after the picture is taken. For now, the collecting voice samples from test takers and using the metal detector wand are suspended. ID document expiration dates of February 1, 2020, and later are also temporarily accepted due to test takers who may have been unable to renew their ID documents due to restrictions and closures during the pandemic.  

After you are checked in, you will be directed to a safe spot to wait while we prepare your workstation to launch your TOEFL exam. We will motion for you to come to your workstation when ready and ask that you stay in your seat during the break to control test taker flow to maintain social distancing. During the TOEFL test, we ask that you always keep your mask on, even the speaking section. There will be sanitizing wipes and hand sanitizer available for you at all times. Seats will be placed 3 feet apart with your materials ready at your table. After finishing your TOEFL test, we ask that you drop off your paper and pencils in the tray provided and exit the TOEFL testing center while continuing to follow social distancing guidelines.

We will continue to implement the above procedures to ensure our test takers and staff are in a safe test-taking environment.Register to take your TOEFL exam today at American English Language School!

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Published on June 23, 2020

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