Why AELS: Small Class Sizes of 8 or Less

Why AELS: Small Class Sizes of 8 or Less

One of our students’ biggest complaints when looking for an English language school is that they do not get enough practice in class. We know that many students only use English inside the classroom and use their native language everywhere else. This can make it frustrating when you are trying to improve your English, but you never have enough chances to practice.

American English Language School is unique in that we keep all of our classes to a minimum of eight students per teacher. We try to keep our classes small; each class has an average of five or six students. That way, you will have countless opportunities to practice your speaking. Our small class sizes also give you the chance to ask and have answered any questions that you may have during class time. Your teacher will never be too busy for you since they have such a small number of students.

Another reason why having a small class size in your English language school is beneficial is because it helps you to feel more comfortable participating in class discussions. When you are in a larger class, sometimes students feel shy and too scared to participate. However, at AELS, you are with the same students that you started the quarter with. The first week is full of ice breakers and activities to help you get to know each other and help you feel more comfortable with your classmates. We do not want you to feel embarrassed or scared to ask or answer questions, and with smaller class sizes, you won't.

Still not fully convinced that American English Language School is for you? Besides the smaller class sizes that help you feel more comfortable participating in class and the plenty of opportunities to speak that you receive, we are also offering a $500 off transfer discount! To find out more information about how American English Language School will help you improve your English and save you money, call or email us at (714) 990-4657 or info@aels.edu.

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Published on August 11, 2020

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