Why AELS: Low Tuition

Why AELS: Low Tuition

Since 2008, American English Language School has provided the best English language school for students studying in Los Angeles. Here at AELS, we have teachers who are dedicated to helping their students improve. All our teachers are native English speakers with a TESOL certification. For us to provide students with the help that they need, our teachers also have sufficient ESL training and experience.

Usually, in other English language schools, the tuition is very expensive, costing thousands of dollars per month, not including the cost of textbooks. AELS is the most affordable language school in the US, and even offers many discounts such as our transfer student discount and a discount for students who pay for their classes in full upfront. Here, students can be sure they are getting the most for their money because they get more time to practice speaking English, ask questions and get feedback from their teachers, and get to interact with their classmates.

Another benefit to studying at American English Language School is our small classes. We do this so that you are able to get plenty of immediate feedback from your ESL teacher. You will also stay with the same five or six students that you started the quarter with. The first week of your ESL class is full of “getting to know you” activities to help you feel more comfortable with your classmates. That way you will feel more confident to speak up and participate in class. When classes have too many students, teachers aren’t always able to give you the attention you desire, so you may end up not having a lot of opportunities to share or practice.

There are many benefits to studying English at AELS such as the experienced and caring teachers, the small class sizes, our guaranteed results, and of course, our low prices! Only at AELS will you be offered the lowest tuition for such an amazing education. Each ESL course lasts twelve weeks. For twelve weeks of studying English, your tuition will be $1,500. That means only $500 a month for your tuition! No other English language school will offer you such a reasonable price for such a quality education. Enroll in a class to start improving your English today!

To find our more information about American English Language School, call or email us at (714) 990-4657 or info@aels.edu.

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Published on September 15, 2020

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