How Our Students Celebrate the Holiday Season

How Our Students Celebrate the Holiday Season

The holiday season is quickly approaching! The holiday season is full of family, friends, and gift-giving, and though this year may be different than what everyone has expected, we believe that it can still be a great holiday season! Here is how our students from around the globe celebrate the holiday season!

One way to continue the holiday season cheer is to get together with family. Many students are abroad and not able to visit their families right now due to safety concerns. Luckily, we have technology. For students who are not able to be with their families due to the distance, they will call their loved ones on the phone or video chat. Some students said that they have a virtual holiday where they will video call their loved ones and have an online party. 

One of our students says that they don't give gifts on Christmas, and they only get together with their immediate family. This year, he plans to still get together with his family, but virtually. He plans to have a family gathering over Zoom so that he can see his parents that he hasn't seen in months. 

Another one of our students said that she is excited to celebrate Christmas by trying new traditions. She never celebrated Christmas before, but now that she is in the U.S., she plans to try new things. She bought a Christmas tree to decorate and is excited to give her gifts to her friends and family.

One of our international students from France is living with his homestay family. He is going to spend the holidays with them and follow their holiday traditions. He told us he was surprised by how early the Christmas cheer starts and how excited people get about Christmas. Although he has similar traditions at home, he said he does look forward to being able to celebrate the holiday longer than usual.

However you decide to spend the holidays, as long as you have fun, it's a holiday well spent. American English Language School wishes you a great and safe holiday season!

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Published on December 24, 2020

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