One of the topics that students went over last week was photography and taking pictures. Some people enjoy taking pictures, while others do not. One of the questions asked was whether you liked to be in front of the camera or to be the one taking the pictures instead. Of course, students had different opinions on the subject. Students started the class discussion by asking each other whether they like to have their pictures taken by others or not. Students also practiced paraphrasing other students’ responses. 

A new vocabulary word that students learned was photogenic.  Photogenic is an adjective used to describe someone who looks attractive in photographs. Some people who think they are photogenic tend to think they look better in pictures than in person. Do you know someone who is photogenic? Another new word students learned was photographic. Photographic is an adjective to describe something that is related to art or photography. The two words are very similar in spelling and pronunciation, so it is easy for students to mix up the two words. 

Some other words that students went over were: 

      Selfie - a photo you take of yourself

      Groupie - same as a selfie, but with a group rather than yourself

      Photobomb - to try and ruin someone’s photo by jumping into the picture uninvited

      Shutterbug - slang for someone who loves to take pictures

      Paparazzi - people paid to follow and take pictures of celebrities 

A problem that other language schools have is that they have too many students in their classes. When you have 10 or 15 students in the class, they will most likely have to be paired up to have a class discussion. However, the problem is that the teacher is not able to hear every student’s answers. Teachers can try to walk around and listen to others, but they will not be able to hear every conversation. They will miss pronunciation, grammar, and word choice mistakes that students can make with their partners. That is why we have smaller class sizes. When you are in a class that only has 4 or 5 students, you will not only be given plenty of chances to speak but will also receive immediate feedback from your teacher. You won’t be able to receive the same attention from teachers when there are too many other students in your class. 

At American English Language School, all of our classes focus on conversations between teachers and students. We are proud that our ESL program is able to offer smaller class sizes so that our students can receive prompt feedback, speak more confidently, and gain more listening practice.

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Published on June 2, 2021

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