How to Take Your Midterm Exam

How to Take Your Midterm Exam

Just like any other school, American English Language School conducts midterms halfway through the quarter. We review the material the students have learned from the first four units of the book. The midterm covers vocabulary, grammar, and real world experiences the students will reflect on and write a response. There is a listening section to the midterm and a speaking part conducted by the teacher. It is important the students feel confident and secure about taking and passing their midterms. Below are some helpful tips to prepare you for a midterm. 

1.  Speak Up.

If there was a portion of the material that you found particularly hard or did not understand too clearly the first time, now is your chance for a refresher. Ask the teacher for better clarification or more examples about this material. Chances are other students may have the same questions as you do. With so much material to cover, it is important to let your teacher know which material is the most relevant for them to review. 

2.  Make a midterm study schedule.

If you are studying for the midterm with your teacher, make some time after class to review again. Be sure to ask your teacher the date and time of the midterm so you know how long you must study. If you are studying during the morning or afternoon with your teacher, it is best to take a break after class and review again later in the evening. If you are taking classes in the evening or night, get a good night’s sleep and then review again on your own in the morning. 

3.  Get good sleep.

All-nighters do not help. It is best to keep a reliable sleep routine so you can feel fresh for your classes and their tests. If you do want to study a little before the test, make sure your routine for the morning of the test is prepared for, and maybe set your alarm 30 minutes earlier for some added time. 

4.  Form a study group.

Hopefully, after six weeks in the same class with the same people, you have made some friends. If you are all from a different country, even better, you must study and speak in English. Divide up the work in your group and have different students present and teach the material in your group. You can share notes and answers, and if you were ever absent it will be even more helpful. 

5.  Stay positive.

“Your attitude determines your direction. We are all a work in progress with still so much to learn.” Test anxiety and stress are real. Practice relaxing and soothing techniques to apply before and/or during testing. Meditation, breathing exercises, and encouraging words can all help with feeling confident during a test. Preparation is also one of the best things you can do before a test. Procrastination, the worst.

Try applying these steps when your next big test or even small quiz comes up in your classes.

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Published on November 18, 2021

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