TOEFL Test Structure

TOEFL Test Structure

Various undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate programs require students to take the TOEFL exam. The TOEFL exam is a way for students to show that they are able to comprehend and communicate ideas efficiently. Furthermore, it demonstrates that they will be able to succeed in a university or college. If you are preparing for the TOEFL, you will first need to learn the structure of the test. 

The test format is as follows:

1.      Reading

The reading section is the first and longest section. This section contains 3-4 passages, and each passage will have 10 questions. The timing of the reading section varies based on how many questions it has. Generally, you will have 54-72 minutes to complete all of the questions. 

2.      Listening

The listening section contains lectures and conversations. There are 3-4 lectures and 2-3 conversations. The lectures will have 6 questions each, and the conversations will have 5 questions. The timing for the listening section will take 41-57 minutes. 

3.      Break

After test takers have completed the reading and listening sections, they will be given a 10-minute break. 

4.      Speaking

The speaking section will have 4 different questions. This section will take about 17 minutes. It will have 1 question that is independent, meaning that it will be based on test-takers own ideas, opinions, and experiences. The other three questions will be integrated, meaning you will read a short passage and then listen to a lecture or conversation related to the reading. This section will take about 17 minutes. 

5.      Writing

The last section is writing. There are two writing prompts to respond to, one integrated and one independent. The independent task gives you 30 minutes to write your response and the integrated task gives you 20 minutes. 

After you have completed all four sections of the test, you will receive your unofficial scaled reading and listening scores. Lastly, you will have to wait for your writing and speaking scores since those scores will have to be sent to ETS. If you are planning to prepare for the TOEFL, email to enroll in our TOEFL preparation course.

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Published on December 10, 2021

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