New Year's Resolutions

New Year

Americans are well-known for making New Year’s resolutions at the beginning of the new year. A resolution is a promise to oneself to do or not to do something that will benefit the person, making the year better than the previous one. About 74 percent of Americans will make a resolution at the beginning of the year. It has become part of the tradition of the holiday. However, people would say that failing the resolution is also part of the tradition. There are a few resolutions that are repeated and recycled every year.

1.      Exercise more

Exercising more has been one of the top five resolutions for many years. After all the holiday business and falling out of a workout routine around the holidays, many people vow to get back to the gym. In fact, it is common to find the gyms suddenly packed with many non-regulars all through the month of January. People’s drive to exercise more starts to dwindle mid-February and by March the gyms are not as crowded as they had been. The idea is not to jump 0-60, but to set up a realistic schedule to make the time for exercise. 

2.      Eating Healthier

Eating healthier goes hand in hand with exercising more. Americans have just spent the last three months of the previous year eating Halloween candy, Thanksgiving meals, and plenty of decadent desserts, treats, cookies, and chocolate for Christmas. January first is the perfect time to start making better choices when it comes to their diet. This may also include what some Americans refer to as “sober” January. This is when Americans stop drinking alcohol for the whole month. 

3.      Losing weight

It is one of the top three every year. In addition to exercising more and eating healthier, many Americans are hoping to lose weight in the new year. The failure of this resolution happens when most Americans do not include the exercising or diet. It is best to have a plan when making this resolution and not feeling discouraged when the weight does not magically disappear off your body. 

4.      Taking care of Mental Health

Self-care has become quite important in the world of Americans. This includes taking care of your mental well-being as you would your physical well-being. With the pandemic occurring, taking care of one’s mental health has slipped into the top five of resolutions. This means assessing one’s feelings and mental stability. Do you suffer from anxiety, depression, or other mental disabilities? It is a great moment to try meditation, talk-therapy, and setting boundaries for oneself. Just as you would go to the doctor for a physical ailment, it has become just as important to show up for your mental ailments too. 

5.      Spending more time with family & friends

This is a great resolution, and usually more easily obtained than others. Who does not love spending more time with family and friends? After getting together for the holidays, people realize how much they missed their loved ones, and want to make more time outside of the holidays to see the people most important to them. This resolution sticks the best when your friends and family are equally enthused about keeping this resolution for themselves too. 

Other resolutions include education and career goals. If your resolution is to learn English, we at AELS would love to help you accomplish this goal.

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