TOEFL Writing Section

TOEFL Writing Section

After you have completed the TOEFL reading, listening, and speaking section of the test, you will arrive at the last section of the test. The last section is writing, and it will have two tasks. This section of the test will allow you 50 minutes to respond to the independent and integrated prompts. 

The first task will be integrated writing. During this time, you will have around three minutes to read a short text. After your time has expired, you will then listen to a lecture related to the topic you just read about. Make sure to use your scratch paper to take notes. You should listen for points made in the lecture that support, contradict, or provide examples of what you read in the text. Lastly, you will be given the writing task and will have twenty minutes to respond. 

The second task is independent. This section will give you a question that will ask you to write about your own ideas, opinions, and experiences. You will have thirty minutes to respond to this question. It may help you to organize your ideas by creating an outline before you start writing. You will also need to make sure that you are supporting your opinion with specific examples. 

After you have completed the writing section of the test, an ETS human grader and an ETS e-rater engine will score your essay. Your essays should be well developed, organized, and contain a variety of sentence structures and vocabulary. 

If you would like help with improving your writing to get ready for the TOEFL, join our TOEFL preparation class. You will be able to practice and improve your writing to feel more prepared for the TOEFL. Email to find more information and how to get started.

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Published on January 12, 2022

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