Idioms in the Workplace

Idioms in the Workplace

This past week, students focused on different careers, tips for interviews, and the types of employees that employers are looking for. You will definitely hear office idioms around the workplace from your coworkers and employers. To help you understand and communicate better with the other employees, here are a few idioms you’re bound to hear in the workplace. 

1.      Cutting corners:  skipping certain steps that are  usually required in order complete something the easiest or quickest way 

2.      Nothing ventured, nothing gained: If you do not try, you will never win or succeed 

3.      To get the ball rolling: to get something started 

4.      Back to the drawing board: to have to go back to the beginning after a plan or idea was not successful 

5.      To get the boot: to be fired 

6.      On the back burner: you are making a task a lower priority and something that you will tend to after more important matters are resolved 

7.      Burn the midnight oil: to work more hours than the normal business hours 

8.      Cut to the chase: to get straight to the point and not waste time 

9.      Have your work cut out for you: you have a very difficult task ahead of you 

10.   Work your fingers to the bone: working very hard 

11.   Slack off: to not be working hard or being lazy 

12.   To drum up business: to gain more customers or attention to your business 

13.   Get off on the wrong foot: having a negative impression of someone when you first meet 

14.   Crunch time: when the pressure or workload is high and the deadline is approaching 

15.   Show the ropes: showing someone new around the company and explaining how things are done within the company

There are countless other idioms that you’ll hear around the workplace. Our ESL program will help you better understand complicated idioms and how to use them. Email to find more information about our ESL program and how to get started.

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Published on March 3, 2022

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