St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick

Every year on March 17th, according to tradition, the grass does seem to grow greener in Ireland and for those of Irish descent. Aaah…the luck of the Irish! But it isn’t just the rolling hills of Ireland that seem to grow greener. Oh no, it is so much more. Alas, there is so much to celebrate on this special day. St. Patrick’s day is none other than a day of celebration for Irish culture and religion that commemorated the arrival of Christianity in 5th century Ireland by the patron saint himself….St. Patrick. He was a slave that was kidnapped and taken to Ireland but later escaped to Britain only to return to Ireland for the love of the Irish. He is known for driving out the snakes from Ireland as well as explaining the trinity through the shamrock clover.  In remembrance of his life and death, he is honored with global celebrations all around the world in places like Chicago, Philadelphia, New York, and even Japan. The global celebration feasting has become so overwhelmingly secular in its festivities that even Chicago has painted its river green.  Whatever you choose to do on St. Patrick’s day, you will surely find , people drinking Guinness or dancing, rocking shamrocks to music, or even lingering with the leprechauns.Some of the traditional activities you love about St. Patrick’s day like green beer, elaborate parades, and corned beef didn’t begin in Ireland but in America. So whether you are Irish or not, It’s all about joining in on all things Irish. St. Patty’s day, or should I say St. Paddy’s day 2022 falls on a Thursday. So how do you plan to celebrate this culturally rich day? There are plenty of exciting things you can do to join in on the festivities. A great way to pay tribute to the holiday would be to start by going to a St. Paddy’s day parade. And while you are there, enjoy a pint of the trademark drink of St. Patrick’s day…Guinness beer. Or, try trending some Irish whiskey. That, along with some Irish music and some sidestep dancing should get you in the spirit. And if you are not a big fan of alcohol, try a creamy cup of delicious Irish coffee or whip up a peppermint shamrock shake. You can also enjoy a classic Irish meal with your friends and family like Shephard’s Pie, Irish Stew, or corned beef cabbage. As you finish your day with these delicious recipes for dinner, you can delight in a baked iced frosted shamrock cookie for dessert and settle down for a nice read of some of Ireland’s most well-known poets…YeatsorSamuel Beckett.  But whatever, you choose to do, you can bet your lucky four-leafed clover you won’t get pinched if you are wearing green and there might even be a pot of gold at the end of your rainbow.

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Published on March 7, 2022

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