3 Places to Visit in Orange County

3 Places to Visit in Orange County

At American English Language School, our students are finally done with their finals and are experiencing the wonder of culture week. Culture week is the week after finals where students can experience American culture outside of the classroom doing a variety of activities with their class and teacher. 

After culture week, our students will get a week off before they start their next quarter. Here is a list of things that they can do on their week off! 

1.    The Ranch Restaurant and Saloon 

This wonderful restaurant and bar is located in Anaheim, California. This venue gives a wonderful western American experience to anyone that visits. 

The venue has a highly claimed steak house restaurant that serves traditional American food. The Saloon is located next door where visitors can get a fancy cocktail, listen to some live entertainment and learn how to do a variety of western dances. 

2.    Sherman Library Garden 

Looking for a wonderful way to get outside and into nature? Sherman Library Garden is located in the beautiful beach city of Corona Del Mar. 

This garden offers visitors a look at a variety of plant life in a secluded and wonderful beach venue. This place is a great way to gain some peace during your spring break or vacation. 

3.    Orange County Zoo 

Do you like to learn and look at animals? Southern California provides a lot of zoo options, but Orange County Zoo is located right in the Orange County area. 

This zoo focuses on animals and plants that are located in the southwestern region of the United States and offers tours and hands-on activities for people that schedule them in advance. 

If you’re looking for a great way to spend your spring break or summer vacation, these venues are a great place to start!

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Published on March 22, 2022

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