Easter Idioms

Easter Idioms

It is Easter season in the United States! Here are some idioms that center around all the animals and things that we associate with Easter! 

1.    Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed 

This English idiom is used when to refer to someone that is alert and awake or they are eager to do or finish something.

 For example: She had her coffee in the morning and was bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for the day! 

2.    Pull a rabbit out of the hat 

When we say someone pulls a rabbit out of the hat it means they have come up with an unpredictable solution to an issue or a problem. The history of this idiom is from the old magician's trick of actually pulling a rabbit out of a hat. 

For example: He pulled a rabbit out of his hat and finished his project right at the deadline. 

3.    Empty Nester 

This English idiom describes a person whose children have all grown up and left home and have started their own lives. 

For example: The older couple are empty nesters and have turned their children’s rooms into an office and a library. 

4.    Black sheep 

This English idiom refers to a person that doesn’t quite fit in with their friends, families, or peers. This is a strong phrase to refer to people that are seen as different and will never fit in, but they also can be seen as unique or rare because black sheep are much more rare than white sheep. 

For example: She looked like a black sheep by wearing pants instead of a skirt like everyone else. 

5.    Kill the golden goose 

The term golden goose comes from the fairytale, “Jack and the Beanstalk.” It usually refers to something unique that will make you a lot of money. However, when we use this phrase along with the verb, “kill,” we mean to destroy or get rid of something that was a reliable and valuable source of income. 

For example: The company will kill their competitor’s golden goose.

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