Why American English Language School in Los Angeles?

Why American English Language School in Los Angeles?

There are plenty of reasons to enroll in American English Language School’s ESL program. If you are starting to search for a new language school in Los Angeles, then look no further! Are you not sure how AELS can help you to improve your English? Keep reading to learn more about our ESL program and how it can help you achieve your English goals! 

First, we focus on conversations. While our ESL course will cover reading, writing, listening, and grammar, it emphasizes having conversations in the classroom. Many students have a basic level of English when entering our ESL program. However, a frequent occurrence we have observed is students never have opportunities to practice their speaking skills. Their family, friends, coworkers, etc., all speak their native language, so they don’t get any practice outside of the classroom. 

Another problem students have is they are too shy to speak to others in English. This is why we keep our class sizes small. People tend to feel more comfortable with fewer people around. When students feel comfortable in the classroom, they are more willing to participate and ask questions in the classroom. Therefore, they get a better experience and learn more rather than hiding in a larger classroom. 

Also, thanks to our online system, students will always know how they are doing in the classroom. Through our system, students are able to check their grades and see their teacher’s comments toward them. Again, thanks to our smaller class sizes, teachers are able to observe all of their students and provide feedback on what a student may be doing great on or what they may need to work on. 

For students who have never enrolled in an English language school, we highly recommend it for the experience. You will learn a lot, meet knowledgeable and dedicated teachers, visit plenty of new places, and make new friends. For more information about how our ESL program can help you to improve your English, email info@aels.edu or go to www.aels.edu and fill out an inquiry form today!

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Published on August 30, 2022

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