Why American English Language School in Los Angeles?

Why American English Language School in Los Angeles?

Our school, American English Language School, is different from other language schools in Los Angeles. We emphasize smaller classroom sizes, focus on conversations, and follow a quarter system. Doing things differently helps us to provide a uniquely rewarding experience for students. Now, what does that mean? 

First of all, our ESL program is separated by levels. We have a basic level for absolute beginners, and levels 1,2,3,4, and 5. Each level of our ESL program lasts for a quarter or 3 months (12 weeks). In between each quarter, students will have a 1 week break from classes. Before students begin our ESL program, we will schedule them for a placement test. After taking their placement test, we will inform them of which level they will be placed into. 

Secondly, we focus on conversation. Our small class sizes helps students to feel comfortable and have plenty of time to practice their English speaking. Many students have told us they never use English outside of the classroom. In order to help students to improve, we allow them to have countless opportunities to speak. 

Lastly, through our AELS system, students are able to see their grades whenever they like. Teachers are also able to write comments about students academic progress. Students are always aware of how they are doing in the class because they can just log in on our website with their username and password and check their grades. 

Still have more questions about attending a language school in Los Angeles? Fill out an inquiry form on our website (www.aels.edu) or email info@aels.edu with your questions.

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Published on September 20, 2022

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