Why are ESL teachers so important?

Why are ESL teachers so important?

Why are ESL teachers so important in an ESL program?

Are all ESL teachers equal? How are they different from other kinds of teachers?

They have a unique understanding of how language development works and the many difficulties faced by speakers of different languages when learning English in adulthood. They also realize the connection between language and culture, building it into the class discussion as much as possible.

But not all language schools actually employ teachers trained in ESL teaching. In fact, many language schools are comfortable hiring instructors who are just looking for some extra money while they finish their schooling. They lack the passion and knowledge necessary to provide a top-notch English education to international students.

So, how can you tell if the people teaching at a language school are truly ESL teachers?

l  They’ve been teaching there for a while. This shows that they enjoy teaching ESL and are planning to make a career out of teaching English to international students.

l  They have either received specific language education training or have a degree in a language-specific subject such as English or TESOL. For example, all of the instructors at Optimus Language School have completed TESOL certification prior to teaching their first class with us.

l  They take the time to get to know their students. Knowing about a student’s life and goals will help the teacher to make personalized suggestions for improvement. It also allows the teacher to choose interesting conversation topics based on what the students want to talk about. At Optimus, we begin each quarter with a Meet-and-Greet activity so teachers can get to know their students and vice versa.


Published on June 10, 2016

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